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Wouldn’t it be helpful if your bookkeeping technology helped you run a more efficient business?

Wouldn’t you love to reduce the amount of paper you have to sort through each day? How often do you find you touch one piece of paper? Do you manually create invoices in the field and then find you end up backlogged in the office trying to keep up?

Have you considered invoicing right on the job site AND having that invoice instantly recorded into your financial records? Wouldn’t it be nice to have everything sync, instead of 1 invoice passing through multiple stages (and people) in order to have it accurately recorded in your financial records?

At Digitfy, we can help you to identify which programs and apps are best for your business. This results in you having real-time information at your fingertips.

How would you like to be able to take this information and have a timely conversation with your accountant? Imagine having your tax return within weeks of your year end rather than months. What would this do for your business?

Discuss your business with us today and we will customize a program and app package for you. Let’s work together to reduce your headache of paperwork and duplication of work. It is time to Digitfy!

Sweet with Heat You need a low cost, worry-free option. Piece of mind as you build your business.
Software set-up and workflow plan
Monthly bookkeeping
HST reporting
Personal or corporate tax returns including Notice to Reader
CPA on standby
Ignite the Flame You have a few years under your belt now and its time to take it up a level.
Everything under the Sweet with Heat plan
Payroll for 1-5 employees
Source deductions & T4 filing
WSIB reporting
Annual cash flow management analysis
Annual year end review with a CPA
Customization available
Kicking up the Spice You are a business owner who wants your accountant to be more like a business partner.
Everything under the Ignite the Flame plan
Payroll for up to 10 employees
EHT reporting
Quarterly cash flow management analysis
Quarterly 1 hour strategic planning meeting
Customization available

If you aren’t quite sure which package to choose, you can also contact us directly by clicking the button below.