Who are we?

We are trained accountants, but have always believed that bookkeeping is very important for your business. This is overlooked by many individuals, both in and out of the industry. Our philosophy is that your records are your story. If time and care isn’t taken in writing your story, no one can read it.

How do we know that our system works?

We are trained accountants, but have always believed that bookkeeping is very important for your business. This is overlooked by many individuals, both in and out of the industry. Our philosophy is that your records are your story. If time and care isn’t taken in writing your story, no one can read it. And if no one can read it, it becomes expensive from a correction perspective but also increases your risk. Risk of not being compliant, risk of filing incorrect information, risk of triggering an audit, risk of not being able to prove you numbers. All of these risks add up and cost you.

In addition, we have found that our clients’ needs extend past compliance. Our clients need a partnership with their accountant/bookkeeper. They need to be able to strategically plan and this goes past discussions on “how much was in my bank at the end of last month?” Sometimes, our clients need a sounding board to run ideas off of. Other times, they need assistance with pricing their products. We help with this.

So how does going to the cloud help with this? Simple – by creating efficiencies within your business on how you report, track inventory, invoice, pay suppliers, collect payments we can help you stay current and have relevant, timely information. Having these systems talk to each other; we can create a situation where your bookkeeping is current, not behind by a month, quarter or year. This then means that you have more current information to base decisions off of. We can identify your issues much quicker, or help you reach your goals for the rest of this year, rather than next year. We can take your numbers, and discuss your pain points and help you determine if you need to hire, or if you can save the cost of an employee today by investing in another application that is specifically designed for you pain point. Would you rather have a $50,000/year employee cost or an $800/year solution? Sometimes that is the difference, other times, you really do need to hire.

We use an example of one of our clients quite often – he runs a successful and growing company, but his information was always behind. He never had a handle on his costs and it was time consuming to find when supplier prices were not correct or had changed, directly impacting his own profit margin. He wasn’t a big user of computers and technology, but knew something had to change to reach his goals. We worked with him one-on-one with transitioning to a cloud system – this included setting up a new computer, installing a scanner, setting up online banking & accounts, setting-up his cloud-based accounting system, training him on invoicing through the system and updating his price lists. The rest of his information was sent virtually to us, so that he did not need to schedule time to drop-off, resulting in more time spent selling his products. There was a steep learning curve for him, and after 3 months he emailed and met with us excited to ask what else he could do. He no longer felt overwhelmed by the thought of keeping his records up-to-date and told us he had the best handle on his pricing that he had ever had.

This is just one example of why we know our system works. Imagine what this could do for you.

How Did We Get Here?

Welcome to the world of online bookkeeping!

First of all welcome to Digitfy! We are so happy to offer you the solutions you need to run your business as efficiently as possible. With a little help from our technology gurus, we can have you up and running in a fully cloud based system in no-time.

For those of you who have not made that switch, hearing the words: paperless, and cloud-based may be scary. We know the feeling! That brings us to our first topic: how did we get here?

Our story is fairly typical of many accounting and bookkeeping firms. Our partners all come from the traditional brick and mortar type firm. We have gone through the trials and tribulations of having paper everywhere, and we mean everywhere! Our transition to a paperless and cloud based firm did not come easily, and it did not come quickly! Afterall, our industry LOVES paper!

Our transition has come with its own set of challenges, so we completely understand where you are coming from. However, if you asked any of us if we wished we had held on a little tighter to that paper and old way of processing information that answer is NO! In fact, when we finally let go (and we held on for a long time), we kicked ourselves for not doing it sooner.

So what happened?

To be honest, it started over 10 years ago when our traditional firm outgrew its current space. We needed to move… well that meant we also needed to move our files. At this time we had a full floor of files we had to keep for archiving, plus our active and current files in our office space. Moving all of that seemed like a nightmare. A nightmare that started a discussion, and eventually got us here. How can we do this better? How can we save space and still maintain all the information we are required to have on file?

First step: electronic storage.

So we had a summer student (possibly one of us) who came in everyday and scanned the older files. This wasn’t the most exciting job, but it was necessary and valuable.

For a few years this was as far as we were comfortable going. We still kept active files in paper form. Slowly technology became more user friendly, we became more comfortable with electronic storage and increased it to include active files. For a long time, we also still kept the paper files as a parallel system just in case (insert because we are accountants and still couldn’t bring ourselves to part with our beloved paper).

Second step: letting go.

At this point in time, CRA has started accepting information electronically, we have full paperless files with the exact same information as the paper file, we have software being released in every industry that allows for cloud-based functionalities…and here we are still filing away our paper. When you put it that way, it seemed rather archaic and also unnecessary. We were keeping paper just because we had an attachment to it. So after a lot of debate, we set a date and made ourselves give up our paper.

If we can do it, so can you!

Third step: client awareness.

If we could do it, who else could? This started a lot of conversations. What does this look like for our clients? What clients can we help improve their systems? What clients would be open to change? Who is a good fit for taking this a step further and into the cloud?

So many questions – now the challenge of finding the answers. Accountants and bookkeepers by trade are problem solvers. It is what drives us. We solved our own problem, and now we wanted to solve yours…in most cases before you even knew there was one.

Today, the world is much different than it was 25, 10, even 5 years ago. we are constantly introduced to new technologies and better yet, they are starting to talk to each other. This is a truly amazing thing for businesses. Yet, we are often held back by fear of the unknown. What we noticed was all around us we were accepting change, except when it came to our books and records. This seemed silly, and there had to be a better way.

Fourth step: finding the way.

Cloud-based solutions! Did you know that your accounting system no longer has to be a stand-alone product? With technology you have the options of automation between your inventory system, time tracking system, payroll system, CRM system. You have the ability to schedule out your employees and change their routes on the fly. They can input their time while in the field so that invoicing labour is not a guessing game. You can provide your employees with the information they need to invoice in the field, without giving up all of the control. They can take payments that are deposited right into your bank account, and the payment posted directly into your accounting system. There is a huge opportunity for new and established businesses to be more streamlined and efficient! Wouldn’t you love to take advantage of that?

We hope you said yes! And if you did, but feel overwhelmed and just don’t even know where to begin, reach out to us! We have been there, we have been through it. Let us take the burden off your shoulders and guide you through the process. Let us show you the power technology can have on your business. Working with us, takes that stress off you. Tell us what you need, and we will find you a solution!