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We are a team of individuals trained in the traditional brick and mortar accounting & bookkeeping firm atmosphere. Recognizing the need for a change in how bookkeeping and business advisory firms offer their services, we have developed an online firm to assist you in a seamless process and adapt to the ever changing business environment. With more individuals working remote than ever before, it makes sense for your bookkeeping team to provide the same freedom to you.

To further simplify your financial reporting requirements, we will assist you with any conversion necessary so that you can continue to focus on running your business.

We believe that bookkeepers and accountants should work with and not against each other. For that reason we have partnered with our sister company Curtis-Villar to handle the compliance aspect of your reporting. By working together, we have a full picture of what your business looks like, allowing us to move the conversation away from the procedures, and to being about your business. After all, that’s where the fun is!

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Lori Curtis

Lori Curtis

Director of Awe-Inspiring Feats

What keeps you up at night? Issues with collecting payments? Not sure how you are going to make the next payroll/HST payment? Too much work, too little time?

The common theme with all business owners is that something is keeping them up at night. What if you had an advisor that did more than prepare your financial statements and file your taxes? What would your world look like if your advisor was as invested in your business as you are? Imagine having someone on your side to discuss cash management, employee management, business growth or even how to successfully transition your business the next generation.

Teams that bring out the best in the individual parts are unstoppable. They can glide through problems that many find stop them in their tracks. They work efficiently resulting in better quality end products. Most importantly they get back to enjoying what they do so it doesn’t feel like work.

Now doesn’t that sound like a team you want to be a part of? Together, we can make that happen.

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Vicki Curtis

Vicki Curtis

Director of Dream Fulfillment

When it comes to the way we do business I had a vision. I was struggling with why most of us are investing in new technologies in every part of our life, except for when it comes to our books and records. Many are still using the same accounting systems today, as they did in the 90s. This didn’t make sense to me. The world around us has so much freedom, except in the area of our record keeping.

I couldn’t comprehend why business owners are investing more energy than they need to, in an area of their business that is not their core focus. And so I set out to solve that issue for my clients. This was a long journey, between the idea of the “cloud” being a new concept, to accounting applications having a slow start, it was not a simple switch.

Over a number of years, I have been following the industry as new applications have been developed. The first designs were not the most user friendly and were too basic for many of my clients’ needs. Fast forward to today, and there are hundreds of applications. Gone are the days where small businesses had the choice between 2 accounting software systems. There are numerous systems, some better than others and thousands of third party applications that fill in the voids.

This creates a unique situation for the business owners today. Small businesses now have the capability to create a unique workflow system tailored to their own vision. Knowing where to start is the tough part, and that is why I am here.